Himalayan Kitchen brings the authentic flavors of the top of the world region of Tibet, Nepal and India to your doorstep without culinary compromise. Himalayan Kitchen serves gourmet yak meat, unique to the region’s culture. We serve traditional Tibetan dishes including: Mo-mo, an equivalent to American dumplings; Thukpa, a hearty noodle soup; Sekuwa, a clay-oven roasted vegetable and meat dish, and Indian dishes in various flavors.

Karma Bhotia, Executive Chef, has created new flavors from his visits to different continents, where he has learned and integrated new ways of preparing meals to his already expansive repertoire. While dining at Himalayan Kitchen you have the opportunity of tasting blends of cuisines from various Himalayan regions as well as European regions including Austria.

Often, guests observe Nepali food is similar to Indian food. It is important to distinguish the flavors between these two cuisines. Indian cuisine is usually spicier and contains a thicker sauce. The food usually tastes hot and contains many spices, whereas, Nepali cuisine is less spicy, contains a thinner sauce, and uses fewer spices that are bold in flavor. Nepali cuisine is milder and is preferably eaten with rice due to its fluid texture.

At Himalayan Kitchen, we use spices that are also used in Indian cuisines, however the cooking styles differ significantly. Also, our food contains no MSG, is low in oil, 95% gluten free, and we have the largest vegetarian menu in Durango.